Tognana Wood & Stone Style Fry Pan


From Tognana’s Wood & Stone cookware collection, the Wood & Stone Style Frying Pan is the perfect combination of style and function! The pan combines the durability of stone with the rustic charm of wood to create your new favorite cookware.


Made in Italy, the Wood & Stone Style Fry Pan features a stone-looking finish and a faux wooden handle that is soft to the touch. Scratch-resistant, the aluminum body of the pan allows a uniform distribution of heat, preventing accidental burning. The pan is dishwasher safe and can take the heat. The non-stick coating on the pan allows for easier food release.

The Wood & Stone Style Fry Pan comes in three different sizes: Small (9 inches); Medium (11 inches); and Large (12.5 inches). Choose which size works for your needs…or choose all three!