Sagaform Club Rocking Tumbler Set, 6 Pack


Sagaform Club Rocking Tumbler Set, 6 Pack

The Club Rocking Tumblers by Sagaform will rock your drink
back and forth. without the fear of tipping over and spilling
your drink.  A perfect gift for any time that is always
well-received.  The drink stones will cool your drink,
but not water it down.

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Sagaform Club Rocking Tumbler Set, 6 Pack

A playful spin on the traditional rocks glass, the rocking whiskey glass is one of our most unique and noticeable designs. It’s cheeky nature makes it the perfect gift and party glass. The rounded bottom allows the glass to rock without ever tipping over or sloshing your drink. Sustainable and secure, it provides both a fun and sophisticated way to enjoy your favorite drink.  This set also includes sustainably made whiskey stones, a must have for whiskey connoisseurs, but a pleasurable addition to any drink collection. Simply place the soapstones in the freezer at least two hours before use and enjoy your drink ice cold without worrying about it getting watered down.  The glasses are dishwasher safe and can hold up to 6.75 ounces of your favorite drink.  Perfect gift for any time.

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