Aroma Vegetable Keeper


Aroma Vegetable Saver & Keeper (16 Cups)

Large capacity airtight container for the storage of the vegetables. Holds 16 Cups. The removable perforated basket elevates contents and allows juices to drain from vegetables. Prevents harmful air from entering and allows for enough circulation around food extending shelf life. Clear see-thru body to easily view contents with glass like clarity. BPA free & dishwasher safe. Made in Italy.

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Proudly made in Italy by our friends at Snips.

Snips is an Italian company which was developed in 1973. Their first product introduction was their Snips scissors. They incorporate innovative Italian design into consumer driven household products.  Their expanding home goods line offers real solutions for everyday needs. Snips products are 100% Italian made. They also make each item from scratch. From conception and design, through development. This ensures quality control through the entire production process.  Snips prides themselves on quality, social responsibility, teamwork, and advanced technology. They put extreme thought and care into each product, because they care about quality. If you are looking for simple and effective food storage solutions, then you have come to the right place. We have dozens of great products. Get the most from your food. Keep food fresh for longer with Snips!