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  • Milan Plate

    13″ Round Italian City Pizza Plate

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  • sagaform blue fish serving bowl

    Fish Serving Bowl, Small

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  • Sagaform fish serving bowl

    Fish Serving Set, 3 pcs. (Blue)

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  • Sagaform fish cutting board

    Fish Serving/Cutting Board

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  • tognana gipsy soft

    Gipsy Soft 18pc. Table Set

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  • ssagaform adjustable trivet

    Nature Adjustable Trivet

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  • sagaform large salad bowl

    Nature Large Serving Bowl, Grey

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  • sagaform napkin holder

    Nature Napkin Holder

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  • sagaform salad bowl

    Nature Salad Bowl w/ Oak Trivet

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  • sagaform serving bowls

    Nature Serving Bowls, 2 Pack

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  • Nature Spice & Herb Storage with Oak Stoppers

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  • Sale!

    Sagaform Red and White Wine Carafe with Oak Stopper (2 Pack)

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