Premium food storage tools and hermetically sealed containers. Stay organized and keep food fresh for longer!

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  • Snips Microwave Lunch Box

    2L Lunch Ice Box for Microwave

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  • fruit saver

    Aroma Fruit Keeper (16 Cups)

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  • Snips veggie keeper

    Aroma Vegetable Saver & Keeper

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  • Snips Banana Guard

    Banana Guard

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  • Cheese Sprinkler

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  • deli meat saver

    Deli Meat Saver

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  • butter keeper

    Farm Butter Keeper

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  • Farm Cheese Keeper (12.5 Cups)

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  • snips garlic keeper

    Garlic Keeper

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  • Sale!
    valira green hermetic

    Green Hermetic Container- 100% Leak Proof (0.75L)

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  • Snips tea box

    GREEN Tea Bag Holder

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  • Icebreaker Nordic POP

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