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Beautiful tables, ready-made gifts and cozy coffee breaks. That is how we would summarize our catalog. We are very proud of our assortment and we hope you will love it as much as we do! Sagaform was founded more than 25 years ago on Saga Street in Boras, Sweden. Since the first day, our mission has been to create good, loving relationships by offering carefully selected, well prices and well-designed products that are just as wonderful to give as they are to receive or to treat yourself to. Through our collaboration with renowned designers, we have crated products that are cherished and complement things you already have at home. We know how important the right gift is and we work hard every day to create an exciting collection. Wishing you the best gift occasions!

  • Italian dining sets
  • Percolating coffee pots
  • Premium cookware
  • Classic & modern styles
  • Authentic!

For over 70 years, Italian manufacturer Tognana has provided simple, style and sophistication in home goods. They offer a variety of kitchenware items and entertaining dining pieces. Tognana specialized in porcelain and melamine tabletop cookware. They also make multiple unique coffee pot systems which provide bolder, more flavorful coffee! Bring back the art of cooking with Italy's finest, Tognana. Take your kitchen to the next level! Stylish dining sets, coffee pots, and more.

Functional, strong and elegant: Tognana’s products are designed and made to guarantee the highest quality, because quality matters.  Tognana will take your memorable occasions to the next level With a vast product offering. Or make everyday living effortless and comfortable!  Our collections will easily fit into any home décor to enhance your traditions and entertaining space.  With Tognana by your side, it does not have to be a special event to be a celebration. Treat yourself to the best home goods from Italy. You deserve the best!

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Italian Dining sets, Cookware, & Coffee Makers

premium home goods
Tognana coffee makers
  • Kitchen tools
  • Ergonomic focus
  • Unique & innovative
  • The perfect tools to take your cooking to the next level

Moha was founded in 1985 in Switzerland. They specialize in unique kitchen tools.Moha is passionate about enhancing the art of food preparation. Each product is thoughtfully made because they are inspired by innovation. They provide consumers with greater enjoyment, convenience, and safety. With Moha, you will never be sacrificing style. They stand behind their work with a 5 year warranty! Their unsurpassed quality assurance guarantees their home goods are made using only the best materials with no compromises. Moha’s focus and attention to the smallest details distinguishes them from the rest. This makes all the difference in assisting home chefs of all skill levels. Try Moha! today for a more pleasurable and fun cooking experience. Great meals are made easy with the right tools. You deserve the best. Treat yourself to be best!

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Extremely Innovative Home Goods

moha ginger grater
peelers tools and other home goods
sharpy knife sharpener
  • Food storage solutions
  • Baking & family fun
  • Products that solve common problems

Snips, an Italian company, was developed in 1973. Their first product introduction was their Snips scissors. From that day forward, their philosophy has not wavered. They incorporate innovative Italian design into consumer driven household products.  Their expanding home goods line offers real solutions for everyday needs. Snips products are 100% Italian made. They make each item from scratch. From conception and design, through development. This ensures quality control through the entire production process.  In keeping with Italian tradition and values, Snips prides themselves on quality, social responsibility, teamwork, and advanced technology. Snips puts extreme thought and care into each product, because they care about quality. If you are looking for simple and effective food storage solutions, then you have come to the right place. We have dozens of great products. Get the most from your food. Keep food fresh for longer with Snips!

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Unique Home Goods & Food Storage Solutions

food storage home products
breading set
garlic saver- food storage solution