Every Day is Party Perfect

Byon is the Swedish interior design brand that creates highlights and surprises in your home and which with functional design strikes a blow for both curiosity and playfulness in everyday life. The brand builds awake and vibrant collections of personal universes filled with endless possibilities and unexpected characters. Here you will find everything that creates a personal home.

Every season, Byon presents a new collection under the name Momentous Tangibles, which means Significant Things. It is a collection of products that give everyday a little extra and that convey the feeling of what we call bubbles for everyday.

Byon dares to bring in new colors and materials that last but still breathe new thinking. We are attracted to shapes that dare to take place in your home and are there to stay for a while.

  • Kitchen Gadgets
  • Thoughtful Gifts
  • Tabletop Collections
  • Stunning & Unique Interior Decor
Home decoration item by byon
Byon vase for with flowers
Byon flower vase
Byon Food plates
some Shell oysters in the bank of river
some Byon candle holder
Byon Glass for drinks
Some vase with flowers inside them
Some jar, jug and glasses with drinks inside them

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